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I. About Us

  • What is Xelay Acumen? What does Xelay do?
    • Xelay Acumen, Inc. is a leading strategy and management consulting firm that delivers extraordinary results by attracting and developing high potential team members
    • We primarily serve biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and health care provider clients
    • We partner with our clients to address their most challenging issues
  • How do you pronounce Xelay?
    Xelay is pronounced ZEE’-lay
  • Are you a Chinese company?
    Xelay Acumen is an American company based in the San Francisco Bay area that welcomes diversity
  • Who does Xelay hire?
    We hire college graduates, MBAs, PharmDs, PhDs, and MDs, though extraordinary individuals that do not fall in the above categories may also be considered.


II. Work

  • What do team members do in consulting?
    • In strategy and management consulting, we use a combination of strategic problem solving, rigorous analyses and methodologies, and clear and concise communications to enable uniquely extraordinary results
    • It includes organizing scientific information, improving the communication and visualization of complex data, cultivating influencing relationships, and building scientific narratives
  • How long does a typical project engagement last for?
    Client engagements vary in length depending on the project scope and can range from 1 week to several years
  • What is a typical day at Xelay Acumen like?
    • While it’s rare to have the same day twice, team members can expect 3 elements every day:
      • Teamwork interactions
      • Professional development feedback
      • Fast-paced environment
  • What are the first 3-6 months like for new team members?
    As an organization that is dedicated to your development by providing opportunities for constant training, receiving feedback, and growth, the environment and pace are usually a significant and yet welcome challenge for new team members seeking to accelerate their professional development. Furthermore, new team members also make adjustments in their beliefs while learning how to efficiently work as a part of a high-performing team rather than their past as high-performing individuals. Oftentimes, this requires broadening their scope of efforts to prioritize the team and their teammates’ goals ahead of their own.
  • How much of the work is client facing?
    Consultants can expect to be client facing as soon as they demonstrate that they can be in front of a client
  • How often do you travel?
    Travel depends on the client, the nature of the engagement, and the role of the consultant on the engagement team. Some clients are local. Some consultants may travel once a quarter for internal training while others travel 2-3 times a month.
  • How many hours per week?
    Team members typically put in 50-60 hours per week and can range upwards of 70-80 hours a week during intensive periods, travel, and internships
  • Who are your clients?
    Xelay Acumen’s commitment to our client’s confidentiality is a core value. Therefore, we do not divulge our clients or their information unless directed to do so by the client
  • Do you use anything besides Excel to analyze data?
    Yes, we use R, STATA, SAS, and other database programs, but primarily when working together, Excel is the standard for sharing and teamwork


III. Culture

  • What’s the culture like at Xelay?
    • Xelay’s core values are:
      • Clients First
      • Professional Behavior
      • Engagements That Matter
      • Challenging Issues
      • Develop Our People
    • Xelay’s core values shape our culture and our environment can be characterized as follows:
      • Constant Development Through Appreciative and Constructive Feedback
      • Supportive
      • Team-Oriented
      • Efficient
      • Fast-Paced
      • Proactive 


IV. Training and Experience

  • Is there training?
    • “Develop Our People” is one of the core values at Xelay and a central pervasive theme of the organization
    • We are committed to developing and coaching one another
    • We provide personal and professional growth that constantly stretches our people through responsibilities on active real client engagements and consulting, leadership, and communication training
  • Is biotech/pharmaceutical experience necessary?
    • Upon joining, team members range from little to significant specific industry knowledge or experience
    • We welcome and value diverse backgrounds within the team including team members who have biotech or pharmaceutical experience
    • More importantly, we look for individuals that have the desire to learn and be stretched/challenged to realize their potential
    • This involves an openness to changing their beliefs and mindsets as well as the desire to serve others


V. Social Responsibility

  • What is Xelay Acumen’s stance on social responsibility?
    The two central parts of our organization’s mission is (1) to deliver extraordinary results and (2) attracting and developing high potential team members. One of our core values is “Engagements That Matter”, specifically that we want to make a “significant step-change in people’s lives”. Because of this mission and our values, social responsibility is the core of our organization’s existence. It is the driving and motivating force for our people to work on engagements that matter so that we can partner with like-minded clients and organizations that are equally committed to that success. Therefore, social responsibility is not only worth our investment, but is the only reason for our existence as a company, as a group, and as individuals.
  • How are team members at Xelay Acumen involved in the non-profit Xelay Foundation?
    • There are 5 specific programs at Xelay Foundation that team members can get involved with:
      • Volunteer Program
      • Employee Match Program
      • Grant Program
      • Pro-Bono Consulting Program
      • Pooled Program


VI. Administrative

  • How many rounds are in the interview process?
    • There are 5 rounds in the interview process:
      • Resume screen and grammar test
      • Practical demonstration
      • Skype interview
      • In-person interview
      • CEO call
  • Do full-time team members start as interns?
    Yes, all team members, regardless of age and background begin their career at Xelay with an internship period to help both sides understand if a longer term fit exists
  • What is the starting salary for the Business Analyst position in San Mateo?
    For Business Analysts in San Mateo, the target annual compensation is $80K with a base of $40K. Bonus can range between $0-$80K which translates to a total annual compensation of $40K-$120K based on performance and behaviors.
  • Do you sponsor visas?
    For those requiring H1B visas and are in good standing with the Firm, we do partner with the individual for visa sponsorship