Rapid Professional Slides


  • Client was a small biopharmaceutical start-up with one product in their pipeline
  • Client had recently completed the second of two phase 3 studies, with both studies demonstrating clear efficacy and safety of new drug
  • Client targeted a simultaneous release of both study studies at major conferences and medical journals


  • The results of the second phase 3 trial were unclear and had not been communicated to senior management at client
  • The data was in raw, non electronic form, with no coherent story for communication
  • Clean safety and efficacy data from both phase 3 studies were not well known to medical and investor community because of lack of publications


  • In 72 hours from receipt of raw non-electronic data, Xelay Acumen produced 500+ data slides for senior management review of top line and secondary analysis of pivotal study results. In less than 10 additional days, manuscript submitted to a top 3 medical journal and accepted