At Xelay Acumen every full-time team member begins their career with an “internship” period.  The first 3-4 months, the “internship period”, is an intense, fast-paced learning experience. It represents an opportunity for both the candidate as well as Firm members to evaluate long term fit and success.

3 distinct aspects that define a Xelay Acumen internship:

1) Structured training program

2) Opportunity to make a difference

3) Team-oriented culture


Structured Training Program

5 core areas of learning are emphasized throughout a typical Xelay Acumen internship:

  • Onboarding Program
    • Formal 1st week education on Xelay Acumen’s consulting skills, approach, and culture expectations
    • Training on our mission, vision, and values that drive every decision we make in our work
    • Leadership and communication training from executive coach
  • Rotation Program
    • Interns will spend one week with each Xelay Acumen department
    • Interns learn the consulting skills by doing them live on real projects while also exposing them to each department
  • Technical Skill Development
    Xelay Acumen conducts weekly in office seminars to elevate technical skills in Excel, PowerPoint, data analysis, visualization, and other consulting technical skills expected of all Xelay Acumen Firm members
  • Professional Development
    In addition to being paired with a mentor, interns work with and have access to our C-level executive coach to accelerate their communication and leadership skills
  • Industry Acumen
    Interns are expected to rapidly gain tremendous experience in the healthcare industry by proactively researching and understanding relevant medical literature, medical education, key opinion leader engagement, congresses, advisory boards, and publications

Opportunity to Make a Difference

  • Engagements That Matter
    • Interns benefit from immediate exposure to the most pressing issues in important areas of medical science due to the type of high-impact work we engage in with our clients
    • Committing to step-wise change with our clients to impact people’s lives creates a motivating environment to learn and achieve excellence
  • Influence and Exposure
    Xelay Acumen interns can expect to work on projects with C-Level executives and global medical leaders and if ready, have the opportunity to present and interact directly with our clients
  • Xelay Foundation
    Because our community is important to us, Xelay Foundation is an opportunity for interns to volunteer and give back to the community through time, skills, and donations. The Foundation serves a wide range of interests and needs as shown here.

Team Oriented Culture

  • True meaning of teamwork
    • Xelay Acumen interns will learn how to work in a fast-paced, high performing team environment
    • A committed practice to rapid iterations, constant feedback and proactive behavior within a team setting results in the highest quality client work to which the whole team contributes
  • Mentorship
    Every Xelay Acumen team member has a deep interest in working with interns to not only produce the best client work but also to help them develop the consulting skills they used to produce the work.