Mentorship is the fastest way for our team members to accelerate their learnings and the cornerstone of Xelay’s Core Value, Develop Our People.

Our team members share their thoughts and experiences as both a mentor and a mentee.


rsz__dsc8373“If you want a thing done well, do it yourself” is a famous Napoleon Bonaparte quote that I previously valued before joining Xelay. Today, I now know 2 things: (1) Napoleon’s attitude lost him an empire (2) a true high-performing leader fights the urge to rob learning opportunities for their reports and are absolutely willing to sacrifice time and bandwidth to invest in the future of the team.

Alan Chang
Manager, Consulting

rsz_1_dsc8235The simple fact that the mentor exists and has gone through many of the same struggles, strengthens your motivation because you know with certainty that there is a path forward.

Steven Chang
Senior Analyst, Analytics and Information

rsz__dsc8257Professional development and mentorship go hand-in-hand and are the backbone of our team at Xelay Acumen. I love that we invest in our people above all, and that I have the opportunity to learn from and actively take part in the growth of each person that joins the team.

Elizabeth Wang
Senior Associate, Consulting