Planning and Strategy

  • Background research of potential invitees and generation of VIP attendee profiles
  • Collaborate with client to develop event and meeting objectives, agenda, discussion flow, space considerations, and planned key interactions
  • Manage personal high-touch invitations and strategic composition of attendee group
  • Rapid Executive Summary of event with key learnings and implications for the organization
  • Professional follow up on action items with attendees and project managing post-event deliverables and accountable responsibilities

Logistics and Coordination

  • Budget creation and reconciliation
  • Site screening, evaluation, proposal, and management
  • 3rd party vendor management and negotiation
  • Organize travel and timing arrangements
  • Coordinate invitees and tiered prioritized invitation approach
  • Individualized and personal interactions with invitees
  • Professional VIP on-site event management including location, staff, food/beverage, audio visual, meeting materials, air and transportation coordination, and attendee reception and hosting

Relationship Cultivation

  • Rapidly raise the depth and breadth of individual key relationships on behalf of the client organization and principals
  • Approach events as not a one-time interaction but one specific engagement in a series of opportunities to cultivate or strengthen relationships, advocacy, and support for the client’s objectives
  • Drive for a higher level of commitment and advocacy by having the highest standard for service and professionalism from the initial outreach and invitation process to on site hospitality and hosting and throughout the follow up action items and maintaining engagement