At Xelay, the consulting role demands a high degree of responsibility, a complex set of interpersonal and technical skills, and an ability to respond deftly to the client’s rapidly changing needs.


Intensive, fast paced, and frequent training sessions enable Xelay to rapidly develop and reinforce management and consulting skills throughout the firm. The training specifically aims to allow all Xelay consultants regardless of their level of mastery of the consulting skill set to practice real world client engagements and presentations and lead in a competitive team environment.


At Xelay we believe our greatest asset is our people. As such, we take pride in our invested mentorship program. Each quarter, Xelay team members are paired with mentors to ensure rounded growth and development.


Through a wide variety of clients spanning the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, each with their own unique culture and challenges, our team members gain a breath of experience. The opportunities to work on new problems both internally and externally contributes to the rapid growth offered at Xelay.